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    Interactive Performance Manager train-track-coach-and perform.

    Employees are one of the major assets in your business therefore you need to make sure that your team is constantly improving.

    In Interactive Performance Manager (IPM) we have combined individual performance results with Self-Coaching.

    Looking for ways to improve employee motivation and performance?

    Consider Interactive Performance Manager

    Interactive Performance Manager (IPM) is a sophisticated solution for improving staff performance through individual performance reporting and related coaching recommendations. In addition to personal performance management, the module allows for comparing of data such as sales figures. The module can be used for several functions such as Sales, customer service, project managers and internal support. IPM raises the general level of employee knowledge by systematic coaching and tracking of the performance. IPM is available as a desktop and mobile version to accommodate easy access to data both in the office and on-the-go.

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    Use cases

    Boost Employee Engagement and Performance by systematic coaching, tracking and training.

    When used in support or Customer service functions the Interactive Performance Manager demonstrates rapidly improved performance and increased sales by comparing each individual employee performance with the team and providing individual training recommendations so that the employee can perform self coaching – before the usual one on one coaching sessions with the manager. IPM guides the employee to improved performance.

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    Selected benefits from a SmartHomeWorkers implementation:

    • For sales oriented employees IPM results in Increased revenue from cross sales and up sales

    • For customer oriented employees IPM results in Higher customer loyalty thanks to optimal service performance

    • For Customer care staff IPM Lowers the cost per customer contact due to improved performance

    • Improved knowledge, skills and self-motivation

    • Improved effectiveness of coaching actions due to facts-based coaching suggestions

    • On-going performance monitoring and process improvement

    • For project mangers the systematic feedback and selfevaluation results in better project management and more satisfied stakeholders

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